My coffins are specifically designed for Natural Burial Grounds such as Sunrising Burial Ground, and so are completely biodegradable. The coffins are equally good for traditional burials. All my materials are locally sourced thus reducing ‘transport miles’ and I aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible in the making of the coffins and the choice of materials.


Willow is a sustainable resource as it renews itself annually from the same ‘stool’ over a period of about 30 years. I use un-stripped willow so that the finished coffins retain the green and brown colours of the natural material. This also has the added benefit of saving energy in the making process.


The base of the coffin is made from recycled straw, a by-product of agriculture. Unlike chipboard, strawboard contains no formaldehyde but uses the natural resins in the straw to bind it together. It will therefore not leave toxic chemicals in the soil as it breaks down. The coffins have natural calico linings and round wooden name tags are tied on to the lids.


I weave just one style of coffin, a simple honest design with rounded ends and parallel sides. The handles are made of jute rope whilst the lids are secured with two sliding willow rods. The coffins are weight tested to 20 stone [125 kg] and are available from stock in three sizes. Please see separate drop down menu for sizes and prices.


BESPOKE SIZES These can be made to order and can take from 1- 4 weeks depending on the size of the coffin, the time of year and the pliability of the willow. During the winter when the willow crop has just been harvested, the rods remain soft and pliable for several weeks and it is possible to make a bespoke size to order within 2 weeks. As the rods dry out, soaking is required and the timescale between ordering and delivery could be up to 4 weeks. Please ask for more information on delivery times for these special orders.




These can be made to order.  They are made from the same willow varieties as the coffins and are lined with natural cotton calico (see picture 2, above).